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    Playing back in San José for the first time in 4 years! Tickets are available at the jazz café website of via phone call to the venue.
    We're very happy to present to you our new single, after 8 years without releasing new material. It also marks the beginning of our new era with Priscilla as lead singer. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3BfmBGjCVL4WnJKMPi2 Apple music: https:/...
    We're glad to announce that our first appearance after a four year hiatus will be at the Santos Rock Festival in Santa María de Dota, Costa Rica on January 11th. More info here: https://es-la.facebook.com/santosrockfest/
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    A Relative Moment of Peace


    1. Of Raindrops and Windowpanes

    2. Walking Towards the Sun

    3. This Troubled Heart of Mine part 1

    4. This Troubled Heart of Mine parts 2-3

    5. Contemplation

    6. Never Away

    7.Tearing me Apart

    8. Look at me

    9. The Spectrum of Light

    10.This Troubled Heart of Mine part 4



    1. 8:03pm

    2. Second Time

    3. Indifferent

    4. Silent Waters

    5. The Tale of the Sun and Moon (Dandelion)

    6. Backhome

    7. Everything's not Lost

    8. Gone into the Mountains

    9. I Welcome you my Night

    The Book of Lost Words


    1. Nostalgia

    2. Disconnected

    3. Transcendence

    4. State of Awareness

    5. River

    6. Days like Eternity

    7. Burn my Eyes

    8. Louder than the Sun

    9. The Memory of Nothing

    10. Moonlight Dance

    11. Lost Letters from a Troubled Heart



    1. New Dawn (Prologue)

    2. City

    3. Cycle #248

    4. Defiant

    5. Accident of Evolution

    6. Waking Up (Interlude)

    7. Ascension

    8. Outsider

    9. Moments of Clarity

    10. The Road Home

    11. Sleepless (Ending Credits)

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